Krisztina Forró

Senior Project Manager,

Veszprém-Balaton 2023 (VEB 2023) European Capital of Culture

Enthusiastic leader with a demonstrated experience in community building and management. Always an involved outsider, who can think outside the box and work inside a project team based on her varied study and work experiences. Skilled in Project Management, Process Improvement and CSR Management with a Master of Arts (MA) focused on International Business and Economics. Passionate about showing the importance of personal impact not only in the non-profit, but also in the for-profit sector; the power of cooperation and the value of real communities at our corporate and civil environment.

Her newest role and tasks at VEB 2023 are to strengthen outreach and capacity building with long term community development, focusing on the horizontal aims of the ECoC Program by managing family friendly, accessible, and environmentally sustainable program development.

All her previous experiences gave her a broader view, how to involve and encourage a diverse community, and simplify complex processes with a continuous improvement.

Culture for All – The art of understanding each other

When we organize cultural events, we imagine a typical person who moves healthily, hears well, sees perfectly, understands what we mean, or if he doesn’t, he’s not qualified or not interested enough, so doesn’t belong to our target group. Who is our audience anyway? In what financial circumstances, social and health conditions do they do they live?

In Krisztina’s presentation, we are looking for the answer to how we can understand and get to know the cultural consumption habits of atypical people; how we can incorporate them into our program organization and what additional advantages we can gain with this knowledge. What does sustainable culture management mean not only from an environmental perspective but also from a social sustainability consideration. We need to learn practical solutions from each other, beyond ambitious goals and unfulfillable policies.