About Kőszeg

The home of the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg is the quaint historic town of Kőszeg, at the foot of the Alps on the Austrian–Hungarian border. This jewellery box of a town has more historical and heritage buildings per capita than any other settlement in Hungary. Its location and its multi-ethnic (Hungarian, Austrian, and Croatian) population of twelve thousand inhabitants combine to form the ideal place for probing the complexities of sustainable regional development and new global challenges as they arise.

Perhaps the key is the town’s ability to provide something for everyone: inspiration and energy to writers and artists; pride and new opportunities for belonging in a unique natural environment with clean air and enchanting built heritage in a harmonious landscape to those who arrive from big cities; a safe environment and accessible services for young families; excellent restaurants and cafés for visitors from around the world; opportunities for deep scientific inquiry for researchers; nearby mountains and forests for nature-lovers with the wine cellars of Poncichters, and wine terraces on the gentle slopes of the sub-Alpine hills for the wine-savvy; the tranquillity of small ponds for solitary anglers; and forest trails at the foothills of the Alps for hikers.

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