Finding a Home through Art


Within the framework of the project “Finding a Home through Art” – supported by VEB2023 EKF – we set a complex goal. On the one hand, creating an opportunity for the target group of homeless people who live in the “Befogadás Háza” (House for homeless people) of the Hungarian Maltese Charity in Veszprém, to enable them to connect more fully with themselves and their environment with the help of art therapy. In a series of 15 thematic sessions using the method Catharsis Complex Art Therapy the participants could experience their spiritual analogies, primarily attuned to the current states and changes in nature. In their works, for which we provided a variety of artistic techniques, their own inner images could appear, on which they could then reflect. Our goal was for the participants to gain new insights and points of view, seeing their own value and even the possibility of change. The individual occasions represented an experience and a refreshing pastime, and in addition, they created the opportunity to experience acceptance and lovability. As a result of the
sessions, with the release of internal energies, new activities, opportunities, and work can be
included in everyday life.
As part of the project “Finding a Home through Art”, at the exhibitions following the art
therapy sessions, the participants can step out and show themselves through their pictures,
which can be a special experience not only for them, but also for the visitors of the
In addition to the exhibitions, museum pedagogic sessions, a public forum and workshop
help draw attention to the values inherent in all of us, regardless of social status, and to the
helpful possibilities inherent in art therapy.
With all of this, we want to promote the integration of our society, reducing the gap
between mainstream society and the marginalized group of homeless people. The project’s
media publicity, Facebook page and website ( can also promote this