dr. Jody Jensen

Jody Jensen is the Director of the Polányi Centre at iASK. She is a senior research fellow at the Institute of Political Sciences at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. She is assistant professor and director of the International Studies MA Program at the University of Pannonia Kőszeg Campus, where she was awarded a Jean Monnet Chair for European Solidarity and Social Cohesion (ESSCO). She is director of international relations at the Institute of Social and European Studies (a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence) which she helped to found. She was also the national and regional director of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public that supports social entrepreneurs. She teaches frequently abroad and also works for the European Commission. Her areas of research are prefigurative and subterranean politics about new social and political movements, particularly in East and Central Europe and the Balkans; looking at the conjunction of the social and natural sciences in the study of complexity as it translates to social phenomenon and change; she is also very interested in the transformation of education and the social sciences in response to global challenges.