Katalin Galambos

Katalin Galambos – special educational needs teacher, employment counsellor. Her intention is to build bridges among different sectors and the non- and for-profit sphere in order to contribute full and effective participation of persons with disabilities in the society on an equal basis with everyone.

She has finished her studies in the Doctoral School of Education at Eötvös Loránd University. Her current research areas are sustainability, resilient operation, service networks in the social sector. She is writing her dissertation on the evolution of social enterprises in Hungary.

She graduated in BA level in 2009 and later in MA level of Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Education. She worked as a peripatetically special educational needs teacher at a special education institution and then by using her practical experience she worked as a Policy Officer for Disability Affairs in the Ministry of Human Capacities, Department of Disability Affairs and a co-leader for a social organization. Her primary goal was to fulfil the implementation of the rights and social integration of persons with disabilities and the equal access to services of persons with disabilities

She obtained her qualification as an employment and career counsellor in order to support the employment of persons with disabilities and to support effective lifelong planning.

She has been a university lecturer at ELTE University, Faculty of Education for Special Needs since 2012.