Anna Losonczi

DLA architect, coach

Anna Losonczi DLA architect, coach, psychology student, currently lecturer at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. Since 2010 she has been working on transforming the concepts of psychology, selected theoretical models and research results into useful and inspiring information for architects and other design professionals. She has received the Junior Prima Award in 2012 and the International Award for the Advancement of Higher Education in 2017 for her work in intersecting architecture and psychology and developing a method for linking
scientific research and visual creative practice. The Spirit-Crafts Urban Exploration self- discovery walk method has been developed with Darinka Pozsik since 2020. Currently, as the founder of the Perception and Discovery Workshop, she is putting together creative-artistic programmes and developing self awareness methods combining different disciplines, using her designer researcher experience in the fields of spatial perception and spatial discovery.
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Spirit Crafts is a partnership that supports people on their personal development journey through effective, practical methods. Our method is based on coaching methodology, which we develop based on our own personal and professional experience. In this 90-min workshop, participants will be introduced to a shortened form of the Spirit Crafts Urban Discovery Method.

The workshop will include a walk at individual pace through the streets of the neighbourhood, where participants will look for visual illustrations for their own questions and insights related to their topic, using "images", sights and details found in the environment. From thoughts come images and from images come thoughts. Looking for images and becoming aware of their meanings helps us to come closer to understanding our inner processes and to take a small first step on the path of change.The workshop will be held by Anna Losonczi (architect, coach) and Darinka Pozsik (economist, coach), co-founders of Spirit Crafts.

More about the method:

Our vision
We are working on creating a workshop where we develop the method together with expertise from the fields of coaching, psychology and the arts, and individual life stories and experiences. Where we connect with people who like to think together, in tune with each other. We approach our work using intuitive and scientific thinking in parallel. We present research findings in a practical way that is accessible to all. We draw inspiration from crossing and combining different disciplines, believing that creative insights never before seen can be
generated. The continuous shaping of the method is not only about long-term development, but also to ensure that we support and inspire the current groups and participants with personalized task combinations. Our aim is to awaken the motivation of the people to recognise their resources, and dare to use them. To teach people to listen to their inner messages, to reflect on their feelings, and to connect with each other!