György Csepeli

György Csepeli, Professor Emeritus of ELTE. Born in 1946, graduated from ELTE, Budapest in 1970. Professor of Social Psychology at ELTE, Chair of the Interdisciplinary Social Science Research Doctoral Program. He has PhD from ELTE and DSc from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He has been teaching at ELTE and at various American Universities including UCLA, University of Michigan, New School in New York and recently at Montclair State University. His research interests cover areas of social psychology of intergroup relations such as national identity, anti-Semitism, anti-Gypsy sentiments and conflict resolution. He has created a pyramid model of national identity based on empirical survey results. He is involved in various EU FP7 projects on discrimination and European Identity. Most recently his interests turned toward the use of Big Data and the social-economic impact of the use of artificial intelligence.

Creative Social Policy

Discussing the insights from evolution and social development the paper reviews the development of social organisations specialised to helping and supporting people in trouble. Entering in the age of uncertainty the troubles tormenting people are multiplying. New solutions in social policy are needed. The paternalistic and bureaucratic approach needs to be replaced by creative solutions based on participation and technological innovation.