Ágnes Quirin

complex art therapist,

relaxation therapist,

graphic artist

Practical teacher of the course of Antalfai Developmental Art Therapist Sapientia University

Vadaskert Fundation Child and adolescent psíchiatric hospital; art therapist

Professional leader of the ’Szakajtó’ mental health and psychology

Complex art therapist, art therapist trainer, relaxation therapist, graphic artist, art therapy instructor at the Sapientia Monastic and Theological College, co-worker of the Vadaskert art therapist, co-founder of the “Szakajtó” Mental Hygiene.

In her therapeutic work, she works primarily with the Cataract Complex Art Therapy, Autogenic Training and the Socioemotional Pedagogical Therapy method, integrating into her work the possibilities of real nature contact and, last but not least, her experience as a mother of a large family. 

Working with adults and children, her aim is to make inner images, emotions and stories accessible and acceptable through creativity, so that the participants in the process of self-discovery can come to accept themselves. 

In the project “Finding a Home in Art”, she participated as an art therapist, accompanying homeless people through a special, liberating inner process.